Signatures for Archangels,and Goddesses etc

Saturday, August 13, 2005


About Signatures

What is a Signature?

Every light being has a signature. Your signature of your name uniquely identifies you. You have written it via the movement of your hand. It carries your vibration. One can get a feeling of you from your signature.
In the angel's world, in the world of light beings, all is vibration. All is movement. All is dance. There is no matter here as such. Here, the signature of a being, has a vibration. In fact, this signature, this vibration is also that being. (This is where our mind has to stretch). The signature is with the light being, and the signature is the light being. In the same way, St John has said in the Bible, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The signature is with the Angel and the signature is the Angel. This is Old Science.
The signatures are in the form of drawings. These are channelled, via hand movements, from an Archangel, Raphael.1 In movement or dance, the signature can unfold the being. Or by imaging the signature to move 3-dimensionally you can begin to get a feeling for accessing and seeing the angel in its movement of light. Archangels are always in movement, in the dance of the Light. They are movement. They are vibration.
1 This is the author’s special angel gift. (There can be no copies.) Each person has a unique gift from their guardian angel. You must find and expand your special gift.

Why a Signature?

In the times before the Fall, before Life entered into the cycles of Birth and Death, and the Body of human appeared in its present form, there was only the Science of Light. The Science of Light has been forgotten, and in its place only remains the Science of Matter. In one, the principle was unity eg. God is the beginning, and in the other the principle is differentiation eg. the atom is the primary substance. But the World of Light has continued behind the scenes, as has the Science of Light. In the World of Light are the signatures of Light.

These signatures of Light are creating the Signs in our Life. These signs are meant to guide us. They are everywhere.
In the Old Days, in the Days of Alchemy the Doctrine of Signatures was an essential principle of Natural Science. Somewhere it has fallen by the wayside.

What are examples of angelic signatures?

The Alphabet.
Abcdefg Writing as we know it originated with the angelic signatures for the angels of the phonetic sounds. We can make a limited number of sounds. Each sound in its pure form carries a spirit, a feeling, angel-like. When that sound was 'seen' it originally looked like the picture of its letter. It was an angel signature. Here the sound and sight have arisen from the One source. For example , look at the letter o, and compare it to the sound that goes out as you say the letter. What does this sound look like?

Ideograms This signature nature is even more obvious in the picture-like ideograms from the Chinese and Japanese language systems. For example the ideogram for Qi (translated as life-force) shows steam above cooking rice.

The Reiki symbol
Many of you have learned Reiki, which originated in Japan. The symbol that is used for the initiation into this healing method is a signature from the Angel of Reiki. That is how it works.

When the angel of living light imprints onto the living Earth, then the nature forms around it. Look for the signatures in the landscape around you.

In the Old Books you will often see the sigils from the Archangels written. These would have been their ‘signatures’ at that time. And by writing them access to these angels would have been given. In our age colour can be added and the ‘living’ nature of the signatures will become obvious. The angels have changed since that time and so have their signatures, and they will continue to change. The secrets to using them will not have changed. The Nature of the Universe (The Tao) has not changed.

What are angel essences?

The signature is a light pattern and as a pattern it can be transmitted into water and this signature with its vibrational frequency, in water, is the angel essence.